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Rattus x2 page 01 by CatchingFear

You have a great storytelling technique here that it reads pretty well. I would suggest that you move the top balloon closer to the speaker otherwise it looks like the tree is talking. Also give those words more room within the balloon. Some of the words are far too close to, and in some instances touching, the balloon edge. The line "Never was I the same again" has the right amount of space. Add that to the other three balloons and it will be perfect. I love your coloring it creates the right mood for this scene. Keep it up!
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CatchingFear Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you! I think everything you said is fair; on looking at it again, I see what you mean about moving the balloon closer! I hadn't realised that before. I'd noticed with the words though. They did feel a little crowded when I was putting them in, but I wasn't sure if it would translate like that. Thank you very much for your insight! ^^
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